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Link to Skulduggery books - plus other series.

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St Dominic's School (Blockhouse Bay)

Narrative Plot Organiser

Space exploration CLOZE activities:

School Journal Comprehension Questions

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Our new novel is The Tale of Desperaux, click the book cover to take a quiz!!! Try it before and after reading.

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Ancient Egypt Webquest Websites

Ancient Egypt

The Pyramids

The Sphinx


Take a Closer Look:

The Fish Highway

Book Character Trading Card Creator


Our next novel:


What do you think it will be about?

What clues does the cover give you?


Book Cover Creator

Design your own book cover and print it out Click:

Punctuation Paintball

Practice your punctuation with this game Click:

Finding Information

Have fun looking for information in this activity Click:

Finding Answers

Practice finding answers in this interactive activity Click:

Looking at Poetry

Are you a poet, but don't know it? Try these activities Click:

Dictionary Skills

Work on your disctionary skills in this fun activity Click: