Frederick Hundertwasser

In your ART book, answer these questions:
1. Where and when was he Hundertwasser born?
2. What did he think about people who were not happy?
3. What are some things he believed about houses?
4. Describe his style of art in 3 words:

Click on the link below to see some examples of student's work:
external image 21-2191-EQGAD00Z.jpg?ch=775&cw=775

Download the Word document:

Google search Frederick Hundertwasser - click on IMAGES. Try and find one example to fit under each of the titles on the WORD document. Eg. A piece of his art to show bright colours, a piece of his art that shows lollipop trees.

Hieroglyphic Cartouches

Click the picture below to visit a webpage to learn how to write your name in hieroglyphics.
Practice in your Art book.
Google the word CARTOUCHE and start to design your own pendant with your name in hieroglyphics on it.
external image ancient-stone-carved-egyptian-hieroglyphics-24370268.jpg

Rotational Symmetry Name Art

Watch the video, in preparation for our next art lesson.

Now check out our redial symmetry art:

Here are our Heraldic Shields. We researched our family heritage and designed shields based on our findings. Can you guess who each shield belongs to?

photo (6).JPG