Memories of 2014
The spelling Bee

The thing that I liked about the year was when I won the spelling bee for the Year 5 round. I was stoked to find out that I was the winner and I couldn’t stop smiling afterwards. But before all this happened I was selling some cakes with my friends. We were called the ‘Disciples’. We were the ones that sold some refreshments to some parents who were watching their children in the finals, and when I was there on duty to sell stuff, my colleagues (friends) where helping me to practice words so that I could win. When it was my round, my opponents were pretty good at spelling too. But when I was in the final two, I had a wave of anxiety rush through my body. So when my opponent got a word wrong, all I had to do was to get this word right and I did! It was a very good feeling that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. And that’s my favourite part of 2014.

From Coby

Memories of St Dominic’s
My name is Charlotte , I am 10 years old and am a year 6 at St Dominic’s catholic primary school. My birthday is on 7/5/2004. I have a mum called Sarah and have a dad called Daniel, I have two siblings a younger sister called Emily who is 8 and her birthday is on 22/4/2006 and a year 4 at St Dominic’s and she loves dogs, and have an older brother called Thomas who is 12 and his birthday is on 1/12/2001 and a year 8 at St Peters college for boys.
I have been in the Kapa Haka since I was a year 1, I am a road patroller, librarian and a main lead role in our school production(postman’s surprise).
This year I am in room 8, we have been using windows 8 surface pro tablets, they are really useful. My teacher is Mr Williams, his fun and such a good teacher. He had been my teacher for 2 years in a row.
Next year I am leaving primary school and going off to collage I am going to St Marys collage for girls.

2014 Memories Muruwai

My favourite event was when I went on the beach education trip with the Aquinas team. We were all really excited for it. Thinking of all the glorious and wondrous safety tips we would learn. We leaped on the bus and went Straight to Muriwai.

We dragged ourselves out of the bus due to the 1 hour drive. After all that drama we sat down in a beach house which had a resplendent view of the dazzling blue ocean. There were 4 instructors that took us around the humongous life guard house and tower. They told us about how to stay safe around currents and not to panic if you ever get stuck in one.

After learning a bit about the ocean and currents we ate some scrumptious morning tea and then got split into groups to learn about some other things doing with beach safety. When we were walking around we went in this strange shed that was packed with heaps and I mean heaps of kayaks. After passing and learning about more safety tips we went back to the hose and got ready to do some activities. We head out and practiced saving peoples life in the water.

Finally we came back changed and went straight back to school. We all had a great time swimming learning and even trying new things.


My 2014 Memories
Hi, my name is Mena, I am 10 years old and I’m a year 6 at St.Dominics Catholic Primary School. My leadership roll this year was being a road patroller, Librarian and Sports leader. The groups that I’m in are Kapa Haka and Production &more.
My friendship groups are with Lisandra, Alexandra, Charlotte, Abigail, Sonia, Rhyaan, Nia, Jessie, Amal, Gabrielle, Stephanie, Hailey, Kaiya and Malisha.
In my class Room 8 we have tablets and we work on them. Being in room 8 is fun because we have a fun teacher AKA Mr.Williams and we have fun class mates. In Room 8 we have been doing a lot of art lately which is based on lines.
This year I’m going to leave the school and go off to Marist College, I will miss all my friends that are going to a different school next year.
The memories that I’ll remember will be the time when I spent time with my friends and teachers with all the fun we had. Mena R-F

My Favourite Memory of St Dominic’s is when I won Speech finals in 2012 and 2013.

My Favorite Memory of Room 8 is when I got to make new friends and also, experience how great using tablets are and how awesome Mr. Williams is.My Favorite Event in Room 8 was when we went to Maritime Museum, and when I got one of the lead roles in the Production. Having Tablets in my class room was very exciting. I think that with tablets we can do our work on word and PowerPoint that will help us later in. Through my years I have been with many teachers I think they are very caring and help me to always persevere. I liked being one of the St Dominic leaders in 2014. I have enjoyed giving back to the school what they have given to me, and letting me join and learn at this school. So I think I have had a very terrific 6 years at St Dominic Catholic Primary School.

Malisha Ghosh

Memory of Room 82014
Diary entry

Term 1: I enjoyed getting my tablet at the beginning of the year and setting them up. And I also enjoyed the beach trip. Also I enjoyed the swimming which I won against all the year 5 boys.
Term 2: I enjoyed being in the spelling bee even though I lost but on the other hand, my friend from room 8 won so we are even.
Term 3: I liked making my speech and even though I didn’t into the semi-finals, and I liked making the optical illusion art because it looked 3-d.By Jeremy Memories of 2014
My new friends Abby and

Kaiya. Doing the cross art
for all souls day, optical

illusion art and calendar

art .Going to muriwai and

beach education. Learning

new thing about the tablet

like how to make a

PowerPoint animation and

how to download fonts.

Making simile poems and

metaphor poems. Going to

the maritime museum and

sailing on the Jane Gifford.


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My favourite event from this year =Maritime museum

My favourite event this year would have to be the maritime museum trip Because exploring the museum was fun I also had fun learning how NZ was found especially the wobbly boat with the video and being someone for the wheel of fate but the boat RIDE WAS AMAZING WE RODE ON A BOAT CALLED JAMES CIFFORD WEEEEEE WE ALL YELLED IN EXICTMENT SOME PEOPLE GOT TO RAISE THE SAILS AND BRING THEM DOWN


Memories from 2014

My favourite memories from this year were Production, having tablets in the class room, becoming a disciple, learning new things from Mr Williams and BEING IN ROOM EIGHT!!!

I liked learning writing from Mr Williams because he taught me a lot of different types of writing he always encourages me to do my best.

I am really sad to leave St Dominic’s because all the students and teachers are really kind and helpful.
- Abigail

Memories of 2014

On Term 1 our class got windows 8 tablets to trial if it would be better to use for 2015. It worked really well for our learning and how used them for publishing our work was fantastic.

On term 1 if school we went to Muriwai beach to learn about water safety and what you need before swimming. But first you needed sunscreen SPF 30+.

On Term 2 and 3 we started playing winter sports so we won’t get bored and so we could be fit. The sports were soccer, netball, hockey and rippa rugby. We played against other schools even if we lost or won. Lastly we played against lots of other schools in different places. It was really fun.

On Term 3 we went to Maritime Museum because we were learning about exploring and what explorers used to transport. We also set sail on Jane Gifford a boat where we got to set the sail.

Late Term 3 and Early Term 4 we started thinking about our school production which our theme for this year is fairy tales. Everyday a class went to the hall and practiced our show.

That is it for now!


I am a year 6
My last class room in St Doms is room 8
I am a librarian
The best subject at school this year was science
My best friends were Aaron George and Andrea’s Castellanos and Reily Wilson James and Dysmas su and damynn McHeyzer and lots more
My new entrance teacher was Mrs Hamlyn then in year one I had Mrs Elwela and in year 2 I had Mrs Siebert and in year 3 I had Mr Fayhey and when I was year 4 i had
Mrs S when I was year 5 I had Mrs Williams for my teacher and for my last year I had Mr Williams I will never forget this school.


2014 was a great year in room 8 and in the Aquinas team. We got tablets to work with, we went to muriwai beach in term 1, maritime museum in term 3 and even did an awesome production in term 4. There was also Spellings, Speeches and also Cross Country. In Cross Country I came 8th place. The school had Cultural Day, Sausage sizzles, Food sharing Day and we even watched movies when it was a wet day. This year the theme of room 8 was The Ancient Land Of Cognitio. In art we made national and sky jumper (book) flags and we even made ancient characters and put a picture of our faces on them. In writing we made loads of word docs and printed them out to put them in our folders. All of us made a lot of good friends. We played lots of sports this year. There was Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby (ripper) Basketball, Cricket and Softball. We even went to a marae. There was also swimming competitions, flipper ball, Enviro group, Disciples, Librarians, Sports and Whanaū Leaders. For the last thing I think that Dodgeball should be the national sport of room 8.




The tablets are a new experience because I have learnt what excel is for and have been able to finish things more often because we can all do the same things at once. Mr W has shown us apps that help us to do maths, Find and spell words, Make audio books and more. That is why the tablets help us


At the start of the year I had 2 friends Phoebe and Kaiya and wanted it to stay that way otherwise in might be overwhelming, but as I joined the class I met many people. But when Phoebe left, I and Kaiya were sad but soon we met Isabella and she became our friend. We must be the strangest group in the universe, a cat, a monkey and a unicorn Pegasus.


In art we have done heritage shields, name symmetry art, two optical illusion and crosses. Abby

My favourite memories this year was going to Marwari beach and, swimming in the ice-cold water. Being a disciple, and learning lots of new things about R.E. Going to maritime museum and riding the Jane Gifford (boat). Doing netball, and playing in lots of tournaments. Learning about the peace-run, and holding the same torch nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, John Paul ll etc. Skyping The ship where Robert Ballard was.
Winning the speech
My most favourite part was being apart of Room 8 with Mr.Williams and having the windows 8!!!!!😉😉

This year I and 7 others went to the cricket zone day we had around 5 pool games and there was a semi final and a final. We won. so we went to the semi final and we won that to so we went to the cup final and we were so novice and we could feel our hearts pumping out of our chest this was our school on the line we lost the and they choose to bat they set 90 runs as a target I was the last batsmen with Rhys we needed 10 runs to win we were running anything we had knowing Rhys was fast they would always throw to the end he was running too so there was no worrys for me. We ended up winning by 1 run Michael got to go up and receive the trophy on behalf of the team and school. Connor


My favourite event this year is winter sports/soccer.Me, most of the years five & six’s went to play soccer to be honest about half of the Aquinas team were playing soccer and the bus was completely full.We settled down in a long wooden chair against a brick wall and there was a little shelter over it, it was good luck because it started to rain. We played a couple of matches and won all of them except one.

THE END - Chris R

My favourite memories 2014

My favourite memories this year is that I got to be a disciple, solving lots of problems, being a wet day monitor and going on trips. Having the tablets is really fun because you can do lots things for learning. I like being in room eight because Mr Williams is an awesome teacher. I loved doing netball on the weekends and sport. I like going maritime museum, going on the Jane Gifford, discovering new explorers. I also like going to muriwai, swimming in the water and playing around.

My friends are the best people I have ever met.

They care for me.

They are there in hard times and like me for who I am.

I could not have got through this year without them and they will always have a place in my heart.


2014 Memories

I have loved being in room 8 because it is a fun and musical classroom and on your first day you would already have oodles of friends. Another great thing about Room 8 is that Mr Williams is very kind and supportive and realises that we won’t always be perfect little angels but that we do try.

This year our class has been on dozen of trips such as:

Muriwai beach, maritime museum and a few more. Also doing the production is so fun and Mr W has got us a really cool dance for our class item and it has turned out so well.

I have really enjoyed 2014 and I can’t wait till next year!

By Alexandra

Memories of 2014.
I got lots of friends and the class room I was in was so cool. I loved the tablets they were so fun to work with. M Williams is so funny I like to be in room 8
Room 8 also did some trips like the maritime museum, mariwaia beach, production at block house bay college. For sports we did soft ball, running, athletics, and more St Dominic
s is a nice school to be in.

Winter sports.

Last term we had a big tournament. I was in soccer with all my mates. We won the first 2 games then we lost to blockhouse bay school. But then we came back with an epic win against rose bank we won 8-0 I scored 3 goals in a row (hat trick)
Then thing started going to downhill we versed some team I can
t remember the name the name of their team but we lost.
But it was the most fun thing I have ever d0ne I hope it happens again.

This year I liked going to maritime museum because we went on a bout ride. I also liked going to miriwia beach because we got to swim there it was fun but cold. I like being in Room 8.

Memories of 2014
Diary entry from Neo
Hi there it’s Neo, my year in 2014 was amazing, we got to go to Murwai Beach. There we learned how to be life saver and the equipment to save someone. My favourite part of this year was hanging out with my friends out on journeys and the SPEEEEEEEECHHHHHEESSS IT WAS NERVERACKING 😌😓 but at least I got to go in the finals but I didn’t win, so sad, traaagiiic. You know this year was soooo fun but I actually liked learning math.
So yeah😉 I hope you guys liked my dairy entry and have a nice day.😤😊😁😋😎

My 2014 Room 8 Memorys J !

My 2014 Room 8 Memorys J !


This year we have done a lot of new things in art we have not done before like illusion art and our shields, we have also done some crosses for people in memory that have died. In our class our theme this year is ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece so we have done art around that. We made our self’s look like a person from there and a building from there as well.


We have a buddy class (ako tahi) which is room 4, recently we made transport out of boxes, plastic, bottle tops, egg cartons and much more. Also year 5’s and some year 6’s have individual buddies. They are all year 1’s and are either in room 1, 2, 3 or 4. We go at morning tea on a Tuesday and eat with them then after the bell we go and help them read.


We have had tablets for the last year and it was great using them, instead of rosters for the computer we had one each, and Mr. Williams made a wiki for all our work that he wants done like, he made power points for writing and we just downloaded it and got it. Another cool thing is we can access it at home and show our parents.


At the start of the year I had 2 besties Abby and Phoebe. We were a funny lot and then phoebe left us so then Abby and I were not too happy but we made lot of new friends like Meyonna, Kiera, Isabella and lots of other friends.

That is why this year was so fantastic with all the school trips (first time at a black sand beach) and many more memories.

Thanks for reading.